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Krishna Janmashtami 2018 SMS, Wishes, Message, Quotes & Whatsapp Status

Janmashtami 2018 SMS, Wishes, Message, Quotes: Krishna Janmashtami is a traditional Indian Festival that is celebrated in the whole country with lots of joy. It is also known as Gokulashtami, This festival is celebrated in India to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu. It comes on the 8th day of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of Bhadrapada as per the Hindu calendar, according to the Gregorian calendar it comes in August or September.

On this day we show the life of Lord Krishna such as Ras lila, Kansa Vadh, Speech of Mahabharat etc. On this day, many people are on fast and do the jagrana also. It is highly celebrated in Mathura, which is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is a Gazetted Holiday in India. In this year, we will celebrate this day on 2nd September 2018.

Happy Janmashtami SMS 2018: –

We celebrate the Janmashtami in the whole country with lots of joy with our friends and family members. On this day, we worship the Lord Krishna. We keep fast on this day with our family members and at the midnight break the fast with panchamrt. We send the Janmastami SMSs to our friends, family members, and other so that they can get the grace of Lord Krishna. This process of sending the Janmashtami SMS starts from the early morning and continues till the late night. This Janmashtami Message brings the happiness in the life of our loved ones. They feel great all the day. With the help of these messages, we can remove the negative thoughts off from the minds of our loved ones and make them cheer.

Haathi ghoda palki,
Jai Kanhaiya lal ki.
Shri Krishan Bhagwan aapki har manokamana puri karein.
Happy Janmashtami!

May Lord Krishna’s flute invite the melody of love into your life.
May Radhaji’s love teach you to love eternally!
Happy Janmashtami!

May this Janmashtami bring happiness in your life and hatred will be far apart from ur life.
Enjoy the festival with love on ur heart and good wishes for others.

May Lord Krishna come to your house,
Take away all ur Makhan – Mishri with all your worries and sorrows.
His blessings on you and your family,
Happy Janmashtami!

Today is a special day as someone special was born,
To fight against inhumanity,
To save the trust in God,
Happy Krishna Janmashtami!

I wish you Happy Janmashtami.
I Pray to God for your prosperous life.
May you find all the delights of life.
May your all dreams come true.
My best wishes will always be with you.
Happy Srikrishna Jayanti!

Krishna ki mahima,
Krishna ka pyar,
Krishna me shradha,
Krishna se sansar,
Mubarak ho apko Janmasthami ka tyohar!

Gokul mein jo kare niwas,
Gopiyo sang jo rachaye raas,
Devki yashoda jinki maiya,
Aise hamare Krisha Kanhaiya.
Happy Krishna Janamashtami!

Yashoda ke Krishna ke,
Radha ke Shyam ke,
Gwalon ke Kanha ke,
Gopion ke Makhan Chor ke,
Janamdin ki hardik shubh kamnayen!

Krishna Janmashtami 2018 Wishes: –

On the great day of Janmashtami we send the warm Janmashtami Wishes to our friends and family members, get their grace, and love on this day. This is one of the great festivals in India, which is celebrated in the whole country. We get the lots of warm wishes and we send them so that they can feel our love and care for themselves. With the help of these wishes, we pray to god that our beloved ones always remain happy and be successful one day. These wishes can put an instant smile on the faces of our loved ones. These Janmashtami Wishes are used to wish our friends and family members so that they can enjoy this great with full of fun and can remember us all the day.

I wish u Happy Janmashtami. and I pray to God for ur prosperous life..

मैं आपको जन्माष्टमी की शुभकामनाएं देता हूं। और मैं आपके समृद्ध जीवन के लिए भगवान से प्रार्थना करता हूं ..

Nand ke ghar aanad bhyo, hathi ghoda palki, jay kaneya lal ki.. Happy janmashtami..

नन्द के घर आनंद भयो, हाथी घोड़ा पालकी, जय कन्हैया लाल की.. शुभ जन्मआष्ट्मी..

Don’t be illusioned by maya.
Maya is the root cause of all pain and misery.
LORD KRISHNA Happy Janmashtami.

माया द्वारा भ्रमित मत हो।
माया सभी दर्द और दुख का मूल कारण है।
Happy Janmashtami.

Ek Radha Ek Meera
Dono ne shyam ko chaaha
ab shyaam pe hai sara bhaar
kis ki preet kare sweekar
Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Krishn kaho ya kaho Govinda
Ya kaho Banwaari
Gokul me jo kare niwas
Sab gopiyan jin par vaari
Devki- Yashoda jinki maiyya
Wo hain mere Krishan Muraari
Happy Janmashtami

Saawan aaya, aayi barkha ki fuhaar
Saath laaya kanhaiyya ka pyaar
Mubarak ho aap sabko
Janmashtami ka ye Shubh tyohaar
Shubh Janmashtmi !

Janma’ means birth and ‘ashtami’ means the eighth.
Janmashtami refers to the birth of Krishna,
which took place on the eighth day
of the second fortnight in the month of Sravana.
Celebrate the Birth of Krishna…!

Wish you Happy Janmashtmi

इस जन्माष्टमी पर श्रीकृष्ण आपके घर आये और माखन, मिश्री के साथ आपके सारे दुःख और कष्ट ले जायें। शुभ जन्माष्टमी।

सोचा किसी अपने से बात करें अपने किसी ख़ास को याद करें किया जो फैसला जन्माष्टमी की शुभकामना देने का दिल ने कहा क्यों न आपसे शुरुआत करें। हैप्पी कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी !

May the Natkhat Nand Lal always give you happiness, health and prosperity, and may you find peace in Krishna consciousness! Happy Janmashtami

No great words No great meanings
In simple language ….. Happy Janmashtami.
Jai Shree Krishna.

May Lord Krishna come to your house
And take away all ur Makhan,
Mishri wid all ur worries and sorrows,
His blessings on you and your family.

Wish You Happy Janmashtami

Today is very precious day Some one special was born Born to fight against inhumanity Born to save the trust in God.

Wish You Happy Janmashtami

May Lord Krishna shower its most cheerful blessing
on all and strength 2 every 1 facing difficulties in their lives.
Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Quotes 2018: –

The Krishna Janmashtami Quotes are those in which there are life lessons of the Lord Krishna’ life and experiences. These are the learning of the lord Krishna that he gave to the world to enlighten the world. These quotes can show a way to someone who is in the trouble and encourage him/her towards his/her way. These quotes are the knowledge or summary of the “Shrimadbhagvat Geeta” which is full of the learning of the Shri Krishna. These quotes are like the light for someone who needs our love, care, and support.

  • Shri Krishan ki kripa aap par sada bani rahe. Mubarak ho apko Janmasthami ka tyohar.
  • Yashoda ka nandlala birij ka ujala hai / Radha ka shyam wo hai / wo he gokul ka gwala. Happy Janmashtami.
  • Gokul me hai jinka waas / Gopiyo sang jo karey raas / Devki-Yashoda jinki maiya / aise hamare kishan kanhaiya / May Lord Krishna fulfill all your wishes. Happy Shri Krishna Janamasthami!
  • Celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday, helps in awakening our spirit & reminds us Of His presence always! Happy Janmashtami.
  • May Lord Krishna fulfil all your wishes. Happy Janamasthami!
  • May Lord Krishna come to your house & take away all your makhan & mishri with all your worries & sorrows. Happy Janmashtami!
  • The day of love and fortune, the day of birth of Lord Krishna, a lover, friend & divine Guru – Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami.
  • Lord Krishna believed in Karam Yoga / Follow the right path / See unity in diversity / Serve humanity without expecting rewards / Happy Janmashtami.

Janmashtami Whatsapp Status: –

We celebrate the festival of Janmashtami with great love and joy. As you know this is the time of the technology so we put the Janmashtami 2018 Whatsapp Status on our WhatsApp account. Friends and family members who are connected with us can see these status and gets the grace from the Lord Krishna. This status can be of any image, quote, wishes, or saying etc. It depends on your choice and your perception. This status remains active for the 24 hours only and attracts so many people also. They also wish us on this day after watching our status.

  • .^..@
    (\ /
    \ |,
    ,, ‘,”
    नन्द के घर आनंद ही आनंद भयो ,जो नन्द के घर गोपाल आयो , जय हो मुरलीधर गोपाल की , जय हो कन्हिया लाल की Happy Janmashtami.
  • गोकुल में जिसने किया निवास, उसने गोपियों के संग रचा इतिहास , देवकी-यशोदा जिनकी मैया , ऐसे है हमारे कृषण कन्हैया! शुभ जन्मआष्ट्मी!
  • होता है प्यार क्या ??? दुनिया को जिसने बताया …. दिल के रिश्तों को जिसने प्रेम से सजाया … आज उन श्री कृष्ण का जन्मदिन है  हैप्पी बर्थडे कृष्ण जी
  • कान्हा रे थोड़ा सा प्यार दे , चरणों में बैठा के तार दे… जय श्री कृष्ण
  • Krishna jinka nam, gokul jinka dham, aise Shree Krishna bhagwan ko, ham sab ka pranam, jai shree krrishna Happy Janmashtami
  • Today is very precious day Some one special was born Born to fight against inhumanity Born to save the trust in God Happy Janamashtami!!
  • Nand ke ghar Anand Hi Anand Bhayo, Jo Nand Ke Ghar Gopal Aayo, Jai Ho Murli Dhar Gopal ki, Jai Ho Kanhaiya Lal Ki.. Happy Janmashtami.
  • Radha ki bhakti, Murli ki mithas, Makhan ka swaad aur gopiyo ka raas, Sab milke banta hai janmastmi ka din khaas Happy Janmashtami
  • Celebrating Lord Krishna’s B’day, Helps In Awakening Our Spirit & Reminds Us Of His Presence Always!
  • Gokul me ji kare niwas, Gopiyo sang jo rachye raas, Devki-Yashda jinki maiya, Aisehamare kishan kanhaiya. Jai shree krishna
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